First post and glucose tolerance testing

I keep starting blogs and never getting anywhere with them – things happen in life and things move on, but right now something pretty exciting is happening and it’s pretty all consuming, so I’m hoping this time the blogging will stick. My plan for this blog is to talk about pregnancy, being a new mummy and reviews of baby/parenting products.

I am currently 29 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my first child, a baby girl who is due in July this year. I wish I’d started blogging earlier in my pregnancy so I’d have a weekly record I could show her when she’s old enough, but I have been keeping a paper pregnancy journal which covers the whole period of my pregnancy.

So far things have been pretty good – pregnancy has been pretty kind to me. About the only thing out of the norm that has happened is that I had to have a glucose tolerance test to make sure I don’t have gestational diabetes, and growth scan as my bump is measuring 4cm above what they expect. So last week  after fasting from midnight I toddled (or waddled!) over the local hospital where I had a first blood test at 08:30am, then had to drink a sugary liquid (which wasn’t actually too bad compared to some other things I’ve had to drink in preparation for medical tests – maybe I’ll talk about that one day!). After that it was a wait of 2 hours with nothing but water then another blood test at 10:30am. Overall it wasn’t too bad, however not eating anything was pretty rough and I felt pretty ill when I got home. I ate pretty much everything I could find in the house when I got in! It took a little while to feel better but I have no doubt that the fact I had very little sleep the night before didn’t help!

Next was the growth scan which was a bit different to my previous scans – this one was a lot quicker and a basic check that all is well with the little one and none of her measurements are massively different. It was amazing to see her again – she’s so big now that her whole body no longer fits on the screen! No pictures this time though sadly.

Luckily, all is good with her and me, no diabetes and no issues with her growth, so it’s just the long wait now. The second trimester of pregnancy actually went really fast, but I have a feeling this bit will slow down. Especially because I can’t wait to meet her!



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